Becky Inkster

I am a clinical neuroscientist, seeking innovative ways to improve our understanding and treatment of mental health. I love to cross and combine sectors. I have first-hand experiences with AI-driven digital interventions, social media data, molecular biology, neuroimaging, statistical methodologies, epidemiology, psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychopharmacology, policy, public engagement, the arts (fashion, theatre and music) and humanities. My Activities (2018): invited symposium at the American Psychiatric Association on AI, digital psychiatry, ethics and culture; commissioned by The Lancet Psychiatry to write a Series of papers on digital mental health; work with Facebook to develop policies and products aimed to support mental health; collaboration with the Centre for the Future of Intelligence (University of Cambridge) to present at the United Nations AI for Good Summit on the topic of trust and disadvantaged AI stakeholders; I am the Creator of the Digital Innovation in Mental Health Conference (London, UK); work on AI mental healthcare chatbot-based interventions and analyses along with creating culturally-sensitive youth-focused designs, especially for marginalized populations; researching genomics and social networking data, pairing longitudinal offline cohort data with digital footprints; translational psychiatry research on EPO clinical trials in depression related to cognition, hippocampal volume and GSK3beta genetic networks. My Academic Degrees: DPhil in molecular neuropathology (Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, UK), BSc Hon in psychology and anthropology (University of Toronto, Canada). My Affiliations: Honorary Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge (UK) and Visiting Scholar in the Columbia School of Social Work at Columbia University (USA). Advisory roles in AI mental healthcare, digital psychiatry & ethics include: Legal & General and I am a co-founder of the social venture ‘Hip Hop Psych’. I was previously the Senior Research Manager for a Wellcome Trust programme award (£5.3m) that investigated young people’s mental health.

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