Pablo Cingolani

AI for Immuno Oncology on Liquid Biopsies

Immuno-Oncology tries to develop treatments and drugs that help the immune system to fight cancer. This approach has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to the success of stories of some cancer immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitor drugs. Nevertheless, immuno-oncology does not work on every patient. We explore some challenges and opportunities when using ML and AI, particularly in the context of NGS Sequencing from ctDNA (liquid biopsies) to select biomarkers that help us understand which patient would benefit using immuno-oncology drugs.

Pablo is a leader in computational biology and life sciences with vast experience in algorithms/methods development, engineering, big data analysis, AI/machine learning and cloud/high-performance computing. At AstraZeneca, he applies bioInformatics & AI techniques to improve research and drug development in Oncology.

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