Vladimir Teodosiev

PRESENTATION: Speech Recognition: Comprehensive Insights in Real-World AI for Business Leaders

Learn how to streamline your workload, boost efficiency and automate processes with Dragon Speech Recognition. This live short tutorial will show you how you can overcome challenges such as documentation, collaboration across teams in real time and how to get key business insights that will help you perform better as a business and improve your services to customers.

ROUNDTABLE: AI & Speech Recognition in Financial Services

Economies are responding to many challenges (e.g. Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic). Businesses need to find ways to remain both competitive and sustainable. As markets and profitability wax and wane under these influences, the financial services sector faces real and present pressures. How can we advance speech recognition in this time, and consequently build better products & provide better services?

Vladimir Teodosiev is a Sales Manager at Nuance delivering value to high-profile private and public organisations. Commercially savvy and with a strong interest in technology, he has extensive experience in creating and delivering value to high-profile private and public organisations. Highly customer-focused and results-driven, he supports businesses in developing best practices that facilitate efficient document creation.

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