Tomas Navarro

How Space-Based Technology can Hedge Financial Strategies

Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of transforming man-controlled spacecraft into cognitive machines that will soon drastically change the way we used to do space exploration. However, state-of-the-art AI technology is not only used by the European Space Agency (ESA) to improve planetary landing, exoplanet hunting or to increase autonomy in spacecrafts and robots. ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions supports FinTech companies to boost their technological capabilities by making use of space assets and technologies, therefore helping to develop breaking-through financial strategies and services. Examples or these include prediction and detection of stock market anomalies using ESA’s most advanced AI-based algorithm for spacecraft anomaly detection or support hedge funds and investment firms mapping energy and metal commodities activity or additionally evaluating credit risk through AI-enhanced geoinformation based on ESA’s Earth Observation Satellites. In this talk we will go through some of the key AI technologies being used by ESA in communications, operations and space exploration and explain how Fintech industry can engage with ESA to make use of them. We will also give an overview of the work performed by some of the brightest Fintech companies already using space technologies, sponsored by ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions.

Tomas Navarro is a Space Segment Engineer at ESA (European Space Agency) working on the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme. Thomas coordinates Artificial Intelligence activities for Space applications. Before joining ESA, Tomas worked at INMARSAT in satellite operations and as a R&D engineer for satellite & payload optimisation systems, focusing on genetic and machine learning algorithms used in operational geostationary communications satellites. Tomas is also the co-inventor of an Artificial Intelligence-powered Space architecture able to improve response times in systems based on a centralised topology. His invention is planned to be used in Space systems to distribute intelligence across a multi-node network, aiming at optimising resources while reducing spacecraft control time. Tomas works also with ESA Business Applications to understand how to apply this architecture to financial systems in order to reduce financial transaction times and optimise flow of information across different nodes.

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