Anurag Setty

Trends in Algorithmic Marketing and AI in Retail Finance

Advances in data science and machine learning redefined marketing by expanding the role of algorithms in key decisions within retail finance. Algorithmic marketing can be broadly summarized as: Applying programmatic approaches to automate evaluation of target-offer mix and optimization towards business objectives. While automation and autonomy go hand-in-hand, businesses realistically require timely analytical intervention and flexibility to adapt to internal and external market forces. In this talk we explore recent trends within AI enabled decision engines, present our journey towards exploration and implementation of such models and discuss key challenges, opportunities in the world of retail finance data science.

Anurag Setty serves as Lead Data Science Consultant at Barclays US where he is responsible for developing new capabilities in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He leads applied research initiatives in data science modeling, tooling and decision engines. Anurag has 5+ years of experience as data scientist in technology and financial institutions. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, a Master of Science and PhD in Physics from University of Maryland where he worked on time series forecasting techniques in highly complex systems.

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