Artit Wangperawong

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad and fluid category of computer science that attempts to solve problems that were believed to require human intelligence. In this session, we’ll provide some examples of where AI is today and how AI can be applied to corporate and consumer banking. General examples include automatedtrading, risk analys and management, conversational banking, fraud prevention, payments, etc.

Artit ‘Art’ Wangperawong is a Distinguished Engineer at U.S. Bank applying ML and AI to solve problems across the organization. Art leads machine learning and artificial intelligence projects across corporate and retail banking. In this role, he identifies and evaluates business opportunities with strategic product potential, market and technology trends, key providers, legal/regulatory climate, and profitability. Art also conducts research and development, representing U.S. Bank to internal stakeholders, customers and partners.

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