Ron Wu

The Future of High Wealth Individuals Investment Advisors

Chatbots are ubiquitous in customer service. Despite the research and development in AI, recent data shows that majority of customers prefer to chat to a real human rather than a machine. Imagine building a chatbot for high wealth individuals. It won’t be your average Chatbot especially if it is coming from the world’s largest wealth advisor, Morgan Stanley. The Chatbots we are building at MS are tailored for every individual; hundreds of hours are spent analyzing our client’s behavior and personas to build an advisor that custom fits their needs and investment strategies. In our session, we will walk through our process of building the world’s most advanced financial Chatbots.

Ron Wu is a Machine Learning Engineer at Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management team, a group that leverages the latest technologies to build the most powerful machine learning tools in finance. He regularly participates in Hackathons and won many prizes developing applications and algorithms. He has a Master of Arts in Mathematics from NYU and spent six years as a Research Assistant at Columbia University Department of Physics.

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