Ash Booth

We live in an AI-first world. Artificial intelligence is by far an away one of the biggest technological developments in business in recent years, but many organisations have been left wondering how best to take advantage of this revolution. While it’s crucial for companies to join the AI movement or risk getting left behind, it’s important to do so strategically to ensure AI initiatives are truly helping to achieve ultimate business goals. From organisational and team structure to personality types and an appetite for failure, this talk will discuss the organisational changes that firms can adapt to best take advantage of the power of AI

Dr. Ash Booth is an entrepreneur, data scientist and machine learning researcher. Before heading up the artificial intelligence team of HSBC’s Corporate and Institutional Digital programme, he worked a number of contract roles as a machine learning and data science consultant at various hedge funds and investment firms. Beginning his academic endeavours with a BSc in Biomedical Science, Ash soon transitioned through bio-inspired computing to computer science and, aged 21, began his PhD in the Application of Machine Learning to Algorithmic Trade Execution at the University of Southampton.

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