Yuanyuan Liu

Trends for AI in Investments

According to World Economic Forum, 76% of banking CXOs agree that adopting AI will be critical to their organisation’s ability to differentiate in the market. In the meantime, we have seen 48% CAGR in AI investment through 2021; while the global AI investment has exceeded $50 billion influencing more than $1 trillion market up until today. Unlike past 'AI Springs', the science and practice of AI appears poised to continue an unprecedented multi-decade run of advancement. Key financial services opportunities enabled by AI ranging from conservative improvements to bold bets on new capabilities.

Dr Yuanyuan Liu joined AIG in 2013, and is currently leading the machine learning division within AIG’s Investments AI department. During the past 7 years, he has initiated and led multiple global projects such as SME loss-risk analysis, client lifetime value modelling, and opportunity map, etc. Most recently, he is working on AIG’s innovative R&D projects to apply edge-cutting deep learning algorithms in insurance and investment, using generative model, sequential model, and reinforcement learning. Yuanyuan’s team has published a series of papers in NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, ICASSP for granular and accurate insurance pricing, equity volatility forecasting, efficient multi-mode data samplings etc. Yuanyuan graduated from the University of Oxford with a DPhil in Statistical Machine Learning and a MSc in Applied Statistics. Prior to that, he studied a Mathematics with Statistics major in the University of Bristol.

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