Andrew Soltan

CURIAL - Rapid Screening for COVID-19 in Emergency Departments

Limitations of COVID-19 diagnostic tests include prolonged result times and imperfect sensitivity, posing operational and infection-control challenges in hospitals. In this talk, we discuss how a cross-disciplinary team at the University of Oxford rapidly developed and deployed CURIAL; a screening test for COVID-19 that uses data routinely collected during the first hour of a patient arriving in hospital. In a two week test period, CURIAL correctly predicted the COVID-19 status of 92% of patients attending two emergency departments in Oxfordshire.

The collaborative team, comprising hospital clinicians and Professor David Clifton’s AI-for-Healthcare lab, is now investigating whether similar methodology is readily applicable alongside novel near-patient blood analysis to rule-out COVID-19 within 10 minutes of a patient attending hospital. A study to evaluate the new ’10 minute’ screening test is ongoing at the John Radcliffe Hospital’s Emergency Department.

3 Key Takeaways:

*An example of an interdisciplinary collaboration rapidly developing a clinical decision support tool to support the pandemic response

*Safety-first design can be achieved by understanding a changing clinical scenario

*Advances in near-patient diagnostics and machine learning approaches show promise for future improvements in clinical pathways

Dr Andrew Soltan is a clinician and machine learning researcher at the University of Oxford. Alongside his clinical practice, his research applies machine learning techniques for early detection and prediction of disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has led a programme to rapidly develop and deploy AI tools to screen patients for infection within the first hour of arriving in hospital. Dr Soltan has also worked in industry as Medical Officer at Visulytix, which partnered with Orbis International to make its AI tool for detecting treatable eye disease accessible to doctors in low-resource countries across the world. Since graduating with Distinction in Medicine from the University of Cambridge, Dr Soltan has received awards including an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship and a Translational Research award funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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