Time icon 08:45


Time icon 09:15


Hanif Kanji

Hanif Kanji - Founder & CEO - Sinophi Healthcare


Time icon 09:30
Raymond Tong

Raymond Tong - Professor & Chairman, Dept Biomedical Engineering - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rehabilitation Robotics

Time icon 09:55
Wen J. Li

Wen J. Li - Professor of Biomedical Engineering - City University of Hong Kong

AI-based Sphygmographic Pulse Pattern Analysis for Traditional Chinese Medicine Palpation Diagnostics

Time icon 10:25
Raymond Louie

Raymond Louie - Research Assistant Professor and IAS Junior Fellow - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Inferring the Fitness Landscape of HIV by Unsupervised Learning

Time icon 10:50


Time icon 11:35
Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse

Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse - Co-Director of the Institute for Advanced Data Analytics - University of Arkansas

The Future of Machine Learning in Quantitative Medical Image Analysis

Time icon 12:00
Qi Dou

Qi Dou - PhD Student - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Intelligent Medical Image Detection and Segmentation via 3D Deep Learning

Time icon 12:25
Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee - Assistant Professor - National Tsing Hua University

Learning a Phenotype Representation for AI-assisted Leukemia Diagnosis Using Deep Learning Generative Model

Time icon 12:50


Time icon 13:55
Kelvin Tsoi

Kelvin Tsoi - Research Associate Professor - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Artificial Intelligence for Dementia Screening

Time icon 14:20
Lawrence Wee

Lawrence Wee - Chief Data Scientist - Allianz Asia-Pacific

Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health

Time icon 14:45


Time icon 15:30
Josiah Poon

Josiah Poon - Sr Lecturer - University of Sydney

Unlocking Evidence through Healthcare Text Mining

Time icon 15:55
Hao Chen

Hao Chen - Founder & CEO - Imsight Medical Technology

Deep Learning for Large-scale Histopathology Image Analysis

Time icon 16:20

PANEL DISCUSSION: From Innovation to Implementation in Healthcare

Kevin Ko

Kevin Ko - Assistant Professor - National Taiwan University Hospital


Efstratios Tsougenis

Efstratios Tsougenis - Overseas Technical & Business Director - Imsight Medical Technology Company


Liza Lichtinger

Liza Lichtinger - CEO - Future Design Station


Hanif Kanji

Hanif Kanji - Founder & CEO - Sinophi Healthcare


Time icon 17:00


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Time icon 09:15


Time icon 09:15
Ta-Chu Kao

Ta-Chu Kao - PhD Student - University of Cambridge


Time icon 09:30
Alex Zhebrak

Alex Zhebrak - CTO - Insilico Medicine

Longenesis: Returning the Control over Personal and Medical Data Back to the Individual Using Ai-Driven Blockchain Solutions

Time icon 09:55
Ankur Purwar

Ankur Purwar - Principal Scientist - Procter & Gamble

Diagnostics and Personalization in Skin Care via Artificial Intelligence

Time icon 10:20
Yefeng Zheng

Yefeng Zheng - Director of Medical AI - Tencent YouTu Lab

Tencent AIMIS: AI-Powered Diagnostic Medical Imaging System

Time icon 10:50


Time icon 11:30

ASK THE EXPERTS: Roundtable Discussion with Speakers

Time icon 12:00
Amice Wong

Amice Wong - Founder - BACHcode

Balancing Machine Learning & Linguistic Rules in Development an AI Health Coach Chatbot

Time icon 12:20
Danny Yeung

Danny Yeung - CEO - Prenetics

The Use of Genetics for Prevention in Healthcare

Time icon 12:40


Time icon 13:45
Fei Jiang

Fei Jiang - Assistant Professor - The University of Hong Kong

AI Powered Clinical Trial Design

Time icon 14:10
Agustina Fainguersch

Agustina Fainguersch - Co-Founder - Muzi

Improving Diagnostics by Making Them Smart

PLENARY SESSION - both tracks in Diamond Ballroom I

Time icon 14:30
Simon Lee

Simon Lee - Chief Data Scientist - AXA

What does the Future of AI Look Like?

Time icon 14:40

Panel Discussion: Ethics & the Use of AI

Anik Dey

Anik Dey - Head of Product - EMOS Tech


Noah Silverman

Noah Silverman - Founder - Helios.ai


Simon Lee

Simon Lee - Chief Data Scientist - AXA


Nick White

Nick White - AI Specialist - Independent

Panel Moderator

Time icon 15:10


Time icon 13:50
Day 1

Matt O'Connor - Reboot.ai

Deep Reinforcement Learning For Strategic Customer Engagement

Time icon 13:50
Day 1

Dhruv Sahi - Reboot.ai

Deep Reinforcement Learning For Strategic Customer Engagement

Time icon 15:00
Day 1

Startup - VC Networking Session - BREAKOUT

Networking & Question Time with Leading VCs

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