Alessandro Bonaita

Analytics & AI Acceleration Programme

Many organizations have come to recognize that their future success will depend on data and AI capabilities. Even in Insurance, Artificial intelligence is increasingly being integrated into core business strategies for cognitive advancement. Since expectations are high and companies are heavily investing in the area, finding the right drivers to lead this digital transformation is crucial for guarantee the success of an AI strategy. People, Value and Execution are three pillars that have demonstrated to successfully lead an AI acceleration program in complex organization such as the Insurance ones.

Key Takeaways: 1) To accelerate the adoption of AI in complex organization you first need a clear AI strategy: people (not technology!) is where you have to invest more. 2) Committing business lines with a solid business case analysis is fundamental to align plans and create tangible value. 3) Complex organizations typically have different levels of internal AI maturity: a well-defined AI strategy guarantee the execution through an adaptable but consistent approach.

Alessandro is an Artificial Intelligence director with more than 15 years of experience in Data & Analytics, from hands-on data science consulting, to set-up of international analytics teams and offshore hubs, up to the design of Analytics&AI strategy and Data strategy at HQ level for global companies. He served as AI leader in multinational companies such as American Express, SAS, RCS Mediagroup. He’s also a former deputy Privacy Officer and passionate about AI Ethics, working closely with international Academic institutions for researches on this topic.

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