Connan Snider

Just Auto Insurance: Making Insurance Affordable, Convenient, and Fair for Everyone

Just Auto Insurance is using data on how you drive to innovate on risk assessment and pricing of auto insurance. By using telematics data ,gleaned from your phone and other devices, combined with advanced ML/AI tools, Just is able to assess the probability that a customer will have an accident while reducing the number of painful (and often discriminatory) background questions required by traditional insurers. By designing dynamic pricing systems and customer feedback tools around this telematics data, Just is able to provide customers with information and incentives that actually help reduce that risk.

Connan Snider is the Head of Data Science at Just Auto Insurance. Prior to joining Just, he worked on the Marketplace team at Uber developing pricing and incentive algorithms and contributing to projects ranging from marketing spend optimization to autonomous fleet planning. Before that he was an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at UCLA. Connan has a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Ohio State University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota.

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