Julie Wall

Conversational AI Solutions for Combatting Insurance Fraud

Speech and natural language technology have advanced at a rapid pace in recent years. This advance, a facet of the industry 4.0 era, has been driven in part by GPU hardware and the deep learning frameworks that use them, and by the adoption of open-source ​software by the academic and commercial AI community alike. These developments have markedly impacted the way in which humans communicate with computers and are currently driving numerous commercial products that rely on speech, natural language processing and natural language understanding, loosely termed Conversational AI. This talk will introduce the machine learning and deep learning approaches, which enable Conversational AI, and present a real-world case study in the insurance domain that exploits speech and language to detect deception and tackle fraud.

Dr Julie Wall is a Reader in Computer Science, Director of Impact and Innovation for the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering and leads the Intelligent Systems Research Group at the University of East London. Her current research focuses on developing machine learning and deep learning approaches for speech enhancement, natural language processing and natural language understanding and she maintains collaborative R&D links with industry. This has led to the successful acceptance of two Innovate UK grants with a combined total value of £2,273,177. Since starting her PhD in 2006, Julie has been exploring the overarching research area of designing intelligent systems for processing and modelling temporal data. This primarily involves investigating the architectures and learning algorithms of neural networks for a variety of data sources.


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