Valeria Verzi

ShAIrlock Holmes : AI Inspector for Claim Fraud Detection

Generali is the largest Italian insurance company and the third in Europe. Generali’s action plan for 2021 is based on 3 fundamental pillars, one of these is Innovation and Digital Transformation. The goal is to become a digital company at 360°; impacting customers, the operative model and the distribution.

In this context, in Generali Italia the Advanced Analytics team works in close cooperation with the antifraud team in order to study and find always new and innovative ways to fight the fraudulent situations, taking advantage of the big amount and variety of data that are available.

One of the latest challenge of this collaboration is the management and processing of claim documents. This talk will be about one of the ways we decided to implement to exploit document values through artificial intelligence.

Valeria Verzi is currently Senior Data Scientist at Generali Italia. Valeria’s role consists of exploiting the deep technical knowledge and the business understanding to develop cutting edge artificial intelligence models to drive internal digital transformation.

She got a bachelor in Mathematical Engineering, for which she developed a thesis on multi-objective optimisation at ABB. Valeria then took the master’s degree with honors in sound and music Engineering (Computer Engineering) at Politecnico of Milan. She wrote her master thesis at Queen Mary University of London on piano inharmonicity mathematical and computer modelling. Valeria continued her career as data scientist moving to industry in 2014.

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