James Russell

AI-for-Good: Unbiased Advice for the Busy Small-Business Owner

Small businesses are busy. If they had the time to monitor late paying customers, supply disruption, employee absenteeism, cyber crime etc - they would. Unfortunately, they don’t have the resources of larger businesses, and neither do their human brokers and advisers. It’s not right that with the insurance practices of today, over 60% of SMEs are under-insured (or over-insured) and exposed to risk.

What if the busy SME and their trusted advisers had the support of an ‘AI’ powered platform that could identify risks, recommend action and enable the next generation of insurance product that adapts as the business changes?

James is the CEO and co-founder of www.getBrisk.com. Having worked at Aviva Insurance for 17 years including four years as the MD of the internet auction business bluecycle.com, James is now launching Brisk. Brisk is a robo-advice platform that provides holistic protection for small to medium sized businesses beyond just an insurance policy. Brisk works with brokers and business advisers to help well-run businesses get rewarded for being better ‘risks’ and enable financial products to be tailored and adapt as the business changes. Prior to Aviva, James was a supply chain consultant at Ernst & Young and Key Account Manager at Lucas Automotive.

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