Franziska Kirschner

Better, Faster, and Cheaper: How Deep Learning Can Bring Real Value to the Claims Process

Investment in AI is at an all-time high, yet many projects struggle to scale and generate value, both for businesses and end-users. How do you build an AI product that not only delivers, but thrives, commercially? At Tractable we develop artificial intelligence solutions for accident and disaster recovery, in particular for the auto insurance industry. In this talk I will explore how and why Tractable’s deep learning tech accelerates the claim workflow and delivers value where it matters — to the end-user.

Key Takeaways: •Taking research from the lab and turning it into something that delivers value is hard! • There are many ways to put the customer first when designing a deep learning system • Tractable has managed to deploy and commercialise deep learning research very successfully, and has helped many policyholders recover their vehicles from accidents faster.

Franziska is a Senior Deep Learning Researcher at Tractable. She develops Tractable’s deep learning algorithms, and focuses on diversifying and scaling the core AI across domains. Franziska started life as a physicist, and completed her PhD in condensed matter physics at the University of Oxford.

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