Julie Wall

Detecting Fraud in Insurance Claims Calls

We are developing an explainable pipeline that will identify and justify the behavioural elements of a fraudulent claim during a telephone report of an insured loss. To detect the behavioural features of speech for deception detection, we have curated a robust set of acoustic and linguistic markers that potentially indicates deception in a conversation. Using statistical measures and machine learning approaches, the detection of these linguistic markers in the right context is being investigated. The explainable pipeline means that the output of the decision-making element of the system will provide transparent decision explainability, overcoming the “black-box” challenge of traditional AI systems.

Dr Julie Wall leads the Intelligent Systems Research Group at the University of East London. Her current research focuses on developing machine learning and deep learning approaches for speech enhancement and NLP and she maintains collaborative R&D links with industry. This has led to the successful acceptance of two Innovate UK grants with a combined total value of £2,273,177. Since starting her PhD in 2006, Julie has been exploring the overarching research area of designing intelligent systems for processing and modelling temporal data. This primarily involves investigating the architectures and learning algorithms of neural networks for a variety of data sources.

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