Alexander Young

AI and Risk Assessment Using Health and Wellness Applications

Alex Young has made a career in the insurance industry as both an industry insider and as a provider to the industry of new technologies. His carrier experience includes 10 years with Sun Life of Canada as a Chief Financial Officer where he was responsible for Policy Administration, Customer Service, Reinsurance, and Distribution Support. As a provider of new technologies, Alex has managed the Americas for a number of companies entering the Americas market including Fineos, eBaotech, and Tower Technologies (Now Opentext). As a frequent speaker he has covered topics such as predictive modeling in underwriting risk, using new data for fraud detection in underwriting and claim, agency distribution challenges, and using new technology for insurance operations. He has also been ranked in the top 1/10th of 1% in PUBG and came in second in a NASCAR race (To be fair, there were 2 cars).

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