Julia Romero

Machine Learning & The Future of Insurance Product Development

The insurance industry faces a number of challenges in developing new products: long-term liabilities, a rapidly changing distribution environment, and complex customer behaviors that can materially impact product value. At Haven Life and MassMutual, we believe that the actuarial paradigm must evolve in order to support innovation and continue to delight customers for the next 100+ years. We are building a new product development platform that uses machine learning models and modern econometric techniques to drive rapid and sound product development and pricing for the challenges of the modern insurance market.

Key Takeaways: • What matters to our customers is what matters to us 2. Actuaries need to change, but so do data scientists • At the end of the day its the technology that really enables us to drive forward

Julia Romero is the lead for Actuarial Engineering and Advanced Modeling at Haven Life, an online life insurance agency that’s backed and wholly owned by MassMutual. At Haven Life, Julia is focused on integrating and applying data science and other analytics models to drive innovation in actuarial technology. Prior to joining Haven Life, Julia worked as an actuary at AXA US, where she focused on the development of agent based models of annuity policyholder behavior.

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