Kinga Kita-Wojciechowska

Using AI to Extract Alternative Data: How a Google Street View Image Can Predict a Car Accident

Artificial intelligence and data collection at scale open up limitless opportunities to tap into streams of data previously ignored by practitioners. In this presentation, delegates will have the chance to explore a new study from researchers at Stanford University and the University of Warsaw, which shows that a Google Street View image of a house can predict car accident risk of its resident, independently from classically used variables such as age and zip code. Find out how modern computer vision techniques, such as deep learning, applied to publicly available data from Google Satellite and Street View may dramatically improve risk models and take current insurance pricing methods to the next level.

Key Takeaways: • Publicly available Google Maps and Street View images are a great source of data • Modern machine learning techniques applied to these images allow insurers to make use of this alternative data source on scale • It is worth to refine insurance pricing and rely on the address of the client, instead of a postcode only.

Kinga is a researcher at the University of Warsaw looking for innovation in insurance pricing through application of AI. Prior to that she was working 10 years in motor insurance pricing, most of the time at AXA Group, where she held various managerial and expert roles in Poland, France, Spain, Korea, Japan and China. Holds a double master degree in mathematics and economics from the University of Warsaw.

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