Roman Swoszowski

How to Accelerate Claims Adjustment with AI & Machine Learning

What if you could eliminate time-consuming, repetitive, ineffective, and costly elements of the claims adjustment process by automating and enhancing your applications with AI? Roman Swoszowski, will share his insight into applying Machine Learning and Data Science to insurance software, which empowers insurers to virtualize inspection, automate damage evaluation and accelerate claims processing. Roman will showcase how particular, AI-enabled solutions lead to improvements in customer experience and growth in revenues. His presentation is based on expertise gathered through delivering AI solutions for leading insurance companies that embrace disruptive technologies to build a sustainable competitive advantage

Roman is responsible for developing the overall technology vision of the company with focus on artificial intelligence, deep learning and cloud native technologies. With almost 15 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, he drives the company’s technology strategy and works closely with engineering teams to ensure continuous delivery of innovative software solutions.

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