Igor Sumkovski

AI and Machine Learning Solutions for Fighting Financial Crime – FIs (banks) and RegTech firms Partnering for the Future

This presentation will cover: - Where AI solutions are most helpful in solve regulatory compliance, with specific focus on financial crime related legal & regulatory obligations? - The role of RegTech in reducing inefficiency/ ineffective Financial Crime processes. - Barriers and obstacles to using AI. Overcoming challenges.
- Bringing FIs (banks) and Regtech firms closer, better understanding of each other’s perspectives and finding common ground. - Future focus - keeping up with AI and Financial Crime risks in an evolving regulatory landscape.

As a Senior Financial Crime Manager for Santander, Igor is responsible for the implementation and delivery of an effective Financial Crime risk management strategy and policy framework. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Financial Regulation, International Corporate Governance and Economic Law at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London and he is ICA qualified financial crime professional with proven BAU and project management experience, gained within some of the largest UK and EU banks. Igor has a strong anti-financial crime background and comprehensive understanding of the external environment in respect to regulators, industry practice and benchmarking, strong knowledge of the UK/EU financial crime compliance legal and regulatory frameworks. He has genuine interest in AI and Machine Learning, committed to continuously exploring opportunities to use new technologies for greater effectiveness in combating financial crime.

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