Daria Onitiu

Hybrid Recommender Systems in Fashion in Light of Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation

Hybrid recommender systems in the fashion industry offer enhanced means for fashion brands to offer for accurate decision-making and recommendations suiting the user’s preferences of style, taste and body type. Focusing on the connection between product attributes and user profiles, this paper intends to investigate the impact of AI techniques from a privacy lens. The main argument is that, as fashion recommender systems broadly raise issues of information control and intimacy, there is need of scrutiny of these aspects under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Daria Onitiu is a PhD student in law at Northumbria University. Her PhD project investigates whether an international law approach ensure the effective enforcement of human rights in light of the use of AI techniques by private entities in the fashion industry. Her academic background include a LLB in International and European Law from the University of Groningen (Netherlands). She graduated with a LLM degree in International Trade & Commercial law from Durham University in 2017. Currently she is a Research Assistant at the Northumbria Internet & Society Research Interest Group, an interdisciplinary research interest network focusing on the crossroads on law and technology.

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