Darragh Kelly

Transfer Learning to Decipher Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable yet overlooked resource for many businesses. This is partly due to the high cost of sifting through large volumes of text. I'll show how we can use Transfer Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate a pipeline of actionable insights from millions of customer reviews. Transfer Learning can address the shortcomings of more traditional data science approaches for understanding customer reviews at scale. Learning statistical relationships between customer reviews and business outcomes can shed light on to what extent businesses should pay attention to customer feedback.

Darragh is a data scientist in the Professional Services team at Google. He leverages Google's expertise in AI and Natural Language Processing to deliver transformative solutions to large advertisers. Prior to Google, Darragh worked as a senior data scientist at the Financial Conduct Authority where he worked with financial transaction data and on Natural Language Processing applications. Darragh has a Bsc and Msc in Econometrics & Operations Research from Maastricht University.

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