Vishal Motwani

BehindTheScenes - Salesforce Voice Assistant

Using Deep Learning technology, we intend to transform unstructured data like voice and text to more structured data which empowers users to execute actions. This is a huge problem statement in itself even if one company was to build an assistant to interact with their organization, but it is even more challenging to build this as a platform while being agnostic of underlying details.

Level of expertise to benefit from the session: It is appreciated for the audience to have some amount of technical knowledge as it would entail different parts required to build such an assistant.

Vishal is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce, where he works on Einstein Voice Assistant, bringing the best in class NLP capabilities from Salesforce AI Research to production. Prior to Salesforce, he has contributed to research evaluating impact of lawyers voice in US Supreme Court case outcomes. He has also worked on predicting optimal distribution of bikes in New York City. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences where he spent his time studying Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and more.

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