Brian Ames

DeepBrew – AI at Starbucks

DeepBrew is in the news and on the front lines for Starbucks now. But – several years ago, Artificial Intelligence at Starbucks was considered an impossible task. In this talk, we will cover what happened in the journey to stand up the first artificial intelligence application at Starbucks – and discuss the implications for any firm that wants to enter this new space. Lessons learned, common misconceptions, taking risks, and stepping out of swimlanes – all the in name of supporting a project – will be discussed.

I lead the team that built DeepBrew - the AI and Machine Learning Platform at Starbucks. My team built this from the ground up and is responsible for all aspects of performance - from revenue impact to uptime. This platform (and the models) is at the heart of significant change at Starbucks.

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