Emily Bailey

Machine Learning at Rent the Runway: More Than Just A Deep Closet

Unlike traditional retail companies, Rent the Runway intentionally holds inventory for very long periods of time and rents that inventory out over and over again to a long-term subscriber base. The cyclical nature of the business generates a wealth of data and unique opportunities to leverage that data in high-impact algorithms that improve the customer experience and ultimately the entire operation.

Emily Bailey is the Director of Data Products & Machine Learning at Rent the Runway. Her team of scientists and engineers leverages expertise from a broad set of domains including natural language processing, computer vision, operations research, personalization & more. Prior to joining Rent the Runway in 2020 she spent 5 years leading various global data teams at Uber and solved forecasting problems at cleantech startup Opower. Emily's educational background is in Economics (Duke University, BS) and Computer Science (Columbia University, MS).

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