Kani Manoharan

Reimagine Customer Experience : Powered by AI & CDP

Customer Experience has become mainstream, leading to a sea of sameness. To offer great experiences we most change how we deliver them. Unified data is at the heart of creating engaging customer experiences, and as a result a new breed of tools classified as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are gaining prominence. CDPs have a layer of intelligence that uses machine learning for predictive models and recommendations to produce more powerful and actionable insights. More and more companies are now choosing AI to improve and hyper personalize the customer experience through accurate and personalized recommendations, efficient and friendly Service, real-time data-supported decision-making, improve product recommendations and round the clock customer support.

Key takeaways: 1) How AI helps marketing realize ‘Business of Experience’ and what are the tech building blocks to achieve it 2) How are CDPs today addressing customer experience problem  3) What should Brands do to reimagine the customer experience

Working as Associate Director for Accenture Interactive, she is an experienced Digital Marketing professional providing tech-consulting services defining and delivering omni-channel customer experience. She has deep expertise in analytics, campaign management and leads management and works across the marketing technology stack to develop industry specific solutions.

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