Olivier Nguyen Quoc

AI for Advertising Production Strategy

3rd advertiser in the world, L'Oréal Group produces and sells beauty products from mass market to luxury cosmetics. Its marketing teams have developed a long last expertise in innovating in video advertising. Their success follows a folds strategy:

  1. a global brand strategy: Ensuring brand universe coherence around products.

  2. a local adaptation strategy: Adapting advertising content to local market specificities.

However, due to their scale and the digital transformation of advertising landscape, brands could meet some difficulties identifying and analyzing content that works.

Olivier Nguyen Quoc will outline their process and solutions to help marketing teams to have a global picture on the content usage, check their creatives and make sure consumers capture the identity essence of the brand.

Tech lead of the digital data team at L'Oréal, Olivier Nguyen Quoc is working since 4 years on building the next generation of tools for marketing teams. From creatives strategy to digital ad bidding optimization, he provides various digital solutions, leveraging various AI technics as recommendation systems, computer vision and ad creative innovations. Animating internal data science community, he is in charge of organizing worldwide internal data science conferences to spread the use of data into the whole group.

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