Juwel Rana

Personalising discount range through AI can be super optimal if it is done in the right way

With AI advanced, retail industries are pushing personalization to the next level. Now we are only talking about finding the right product for the right customer at the right time, but also talking about orienting the right prices as known as personalized prices to beloved customers. Following the trend of my previous talk in Re-work on personalized product recommendation, in this talk, the focus will be on aspects of personalized pricing from both technical as well as operational challenges. The problems are super complicated, at the super important to serve the customers in the best way when you have millions of customer base with thousands of products for personalized pricing.

Juwel Rana, PhD is a global analytics leader located at Oslo, Norway and leads the analytical development at Varner Group, holding the position as Head of Analytics. He is AI product focused, believer of value driven development. Juwel possess full stack development principles from architecting AI product to algorithmic design as well as strategic and business objective setting. When it comes to AI technology, Juwel thinks business first, and when it comes to business, Juwel puts customer first.

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