Moshe Mishali

An Integrated Training and Inference Solution for AI at the Edge

Training deep learning models require large compute resources and performed in the cloud or data centers. Yet, the data is generated at the edge and transporting the data to the cloud leads to unsustainable network bandwidth, high cost, slow responsiveness and compromises data privacy. Deep-AI Technologies is launching its accelerated deep learning solution for the edge, and will present its breakthrough technology for training at fixed-point Int8 coupled with high sparsity, to enable deep learning at a fraction of the cost /power of GPU systems for fast, secure, and scalable AI at the edge.

Moshe has over 15 years of technical leadership in various research and development roles. Prior to founding Deep-AI, Moshe was algorithm architect at EZchip semiconductor (NASDAQ:EZCH). His professional experience also includes multiple consulting roles in hardware and software companies and also 6 years of service in Elite Technology IDF unit. He holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion.

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