Biao 'Bill' Chang

Interactive Improvement Between AI Algorithms and Business Insights

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies among businesses is growing faster than ever before in recent years. With this remarkable growth, there are also emerging pain points with algorithms behaving as black-boxes and concerns that traditional human intelligence might become less relevant. This talk will touch on cases where human business insights help to improve AI models and where business insights are gained from AI models. Experience will be shared on developing AI solutions in an enterprise environment through this business-in-the-loop approach.

Biao "Bill" Chang is a Senior Data Scientist with eBay's Risk Management team. His work centers around developing scalable AI solutions for risk management and fraud detection on eBay's marketplace platform, spanning from problem definition, modeling development to model deployment and monitoring. Sample projects include building and productionizing real-time fraud detection model covering a portfolio of over 500 million listings monthly. Bill obtained his Ph.D. in engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and previously worked with Capital One on data analytics and data product.

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