Joseph Michiels

Using ML to Improve Customer Delivery Experiences at eBay

eBay shipping data science teams solve a number of problems for our buyers and sellers using various machine learning models. Joe will walk through a few examples including how we make better buyer and seller experiences by estimating delivery speed, shipping costs, and tracking information.

Joe Michiels is the Senior Product Owner of the eBay Shipping Science team. Shipping Data Science uses big data and machine learning techniques to make predictions such as how soon a package will arrive, recommendations for shipping services, and the logic driving key eBay features such as eBay Guaranteed Delivery. Joe has been with eBay for over 5 years and before shipping science was product owner of eBay’s Global Shipping Program and the affiliate marketing channel eBay Partner Network. Joe has a MBA from UW Foster School of Business and a B.S. in Cognitive Science from U.C. Berkeley.

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