Prakash Mall

AI in Enterprises with Specific Relevance to Retail

Artificial intelligence is changing the business landscape across wide variety of industries, Retail being one of them heavily influenced and transformed by the recent advancement of AI. This talk with delve deep into • Opportunity in large-scale retail enterprise • Ai brings competitive advantage - Use of AI in retail from traditional ML (personalization, forecasting, optimization, etc) to Deep learning (behavioral analysis, chatbots, surveillance, knowledge graph, etc – dealing in voice, text and video). Talk of specific use case with relevant examples • Challenges in large scale AI implementation – data, computing, talent • AI in Target Corp – where, how • Where are we heading? Where does different technological evolutions converge – IoT, AI, blockchain, etc

Prakash Mall is a senior director of intelligent digital robotics and AI products including intelligent RPA, enterprise chatbots and video management and video analytics for surveillance. Prakash leads engineering for many product groups dealing with large scale distributed computing to AI with deep learning into text (NLP) and video. Prakash has over 20 years of experience building enterprise scale products in the Retail, Insurance and Healthcare sectors. His expertise is in building scalable open source systems and driving business value using emerging technologies. He has a proven track record of building and managing large global teams of 150+. Prior to joining Target, Prakash spent over 12 years at IBM including 8 years at the company’s US office.

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