Stephen Odaibo

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The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile devices, and Healthcare

There is a growing awareness that healthcare delivery and healthcare access are inextricably intertwined. In particular, the only way to improve healthcare access is by improving healthcare delivery. In this talk, I will discuss how RETINA-AI is increasing access to specialized retina care by developing and deploying mobile AI apps via the Cloud. Stephen will also discuss the challenges and joys of being an AI startup.

Dr. Stephen G. Odaibo is Founder, CEO, and Chief Software Architect of RETINA-AI, a company using Artificial Intelligence to improve Healthcare. He is a Retina specialist, Mathematician, Computer Scientist, and Full-Stack AI Engineer. Dr. Odaibo is the only Ophthalmologist in the world with advanced degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science. In 2017 UAB College of Arts and Sciences awarded Dr. Odaibo its highest honor, the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. In 2005 he won the Barrie Hurwitz Award for Excellence in Clinical Neurology at Duke Univ. School of Medicine where he topped the class in Neurology and in Pediatrics. In 2016 Dr. Odaibo delivered the Opening Keynote address at the Global Ophthalmologists Meeting in Osaka Japan. And he delivered the inaugural Special Guest Lecture in Ophthalmology at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. In 2018, Dr. Odaibo delivered the keynote address at the National Medical Association's New Innovations in Ophthalmology Session. And he delivered a Plenary Keynote address on AI in Healthcare at AI Expo Africa in Cape town, South Africa. He is author of the book "Quantum Mechanics and the MRI Machine'' (2012), and of the book "The Form of Finite Groups: A Course on Finite Group Theory" (2016).

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