Zahra Timsah

With 13 years of experience in healthcare and healthcare technology, Dr. Timsah, and through her AI-consultancy group, specialises in the development of Artificial Intelligence powered-platforms for healthcare entities. Dr. Timsah received her PhD from UT Health/MD Anderson in biochemistry and cancer biology with multiple high impact publications; and was a faculty member in the UK. Dr. Timsah holds an MBA from the University of Leeds Business School with multiple ongoing leadership and advisory roles at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as Protox Therapeutics, Kiromic, Bristol Myers and Johnson& Johnson. She holds an executive degree from MIT in Artificial Intelligence and has successfully developed AI platforms for multiple medical and drug-development purposes. Her most recent projects, developed through her consultancy company, have been the development of 1) state-of-the-art cognitive AI platform for the discovery and validation of cancer immunotherapy which cuts down on the cost of drug discovery and manufacturing; 2) a trend building AI-platform to detect the success vs. failure probabilities of clinical trials allowing for the proper design of the trials and ease of selection by patients; 3) and a medication management platform that identifies the optimal medication regimen and drug combinations to maximise adherence and minimise the harmful side effects of medications while promoting cost reduction. The latter (co-developed and exclusively marketed through Ward Medication Management, Inc) has been valuable for patients, caregivers and payers looking to enhance the process of medication managements."

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