Zuby Onwuta

Combining EEG & AI To Overcome Learning Disabilities

This talk aims to introduce the idea of using EEG to handle reading controls on a digital device, and as a result, improve accessibility and augment learning, especially for People with Disabilities. This becomes very useful for an estimated 629 million people globally who are visually impaired, according to Overseas Development Institute, London, and usually end up with a 90% illiteracy rate. I am visually impaired and legally blind, which inspired me to invent "Think and Zoom: Brian control for Blind Assistive Tech", to enable people like me to use our thoughts to control zooming or text-to-speech functions.

Zuby Onwuta is the inventor of "Think and Zoom: Brain control for Blind Assistive Tech", and Founder of Think and Zoom, a startup that is "creating a world where visual impairment no longer steals dreams or kills careers". Hardships from losing his medical, US Army and engineering dreams to visual impairment, inspired him to invent "Think and Zoom", a solution that reads and responds to human brain waves, to provide vision augmentation and reading assistance. Previous work experience include software engineering roles at Lucent, Goldman Sachs & Co and IBM. Accomplishments include speaking engagements at TEDx, SU Exponential Medicine, American Academy of Ophthalmology, UN and Disability Advocacy at the US Congress. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and certificates in innovation and healthcare from MIT, Harvard Business and Harvard Medical. More about him is available at ZubyOnwuta.com.

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