Abhik Banerjee

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Big Data and Machine Learning at Kohl's

I work as a Staff Data Scientist at the Data Science and Big Data team at Kohls. The landscape of Retail is changing, when people are using more and more Data Driven Decisions as they go along. They use more Decision Sciences and Machine Learning to understand Customers better , to understand our stores better and how to make more informed decisions around various landscapes of the retail including Merchandising, Marketing, Fulfillment etc. My talk covers about how we use Big Data technologies and Machine Learning technologies at Kohl's and algorithms we have used and deployed in production related to Recommendations, Customer Segmentations / clustering by using Unsupervised learning approaches, and other Supervised learning problems on scale using Spark and Hadoop. This talk shall also cover some of our key learnings in the process of delivering these production level frameworks and systems, and how it helps to solve the key business problems at the end of the day.

Abhik has 8+ years of experience in the areas of Machine Learning / Data Mining Research & Development, leading strong Data Science Research and Data Engineering teams at AOL , and Kohl's. He had been working towards, strategic initiatives of using Machine Learning to transform the retail industry at Kohl's. He has been presenting strategic vision to C Level Executives (COO, CMO, CTO, CEO), and helping other teams on how to empower business functions using Data Science. He has Experience in the areas of Data Mining , Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) , working on products for Powering Recommendations, Personalization, Deep Neural Network models, and various other Supervised Learning techniques for various Customer understanding and customer behavior.

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