Bryton Shang

Helping Fish Farmers Feed The World With Deep Learning

This talk focuses on Aquabyte's application of computer vision to various fish farming use cases, including detecting sea lice and weighting fish. We identify the various problems associated with mass fish farming and the challenges with developing machine learning solutions that can measure the height and weight of fish, the use of computer vision algorithms in assessing issues like sea lice, which can be up to 25% of the cost associated with running farms, and cool new features in the works like facial recognition for fish and optimal fish feeding.

Bryton Shang is the founder and CEO of Aquabyte, a Silicon Valley and Norway-based venture-backed company applying machine learning and computer vision to aquaculture fish farming for biomass estimation, sea lice counting, and feed optimization and formulation. Bryton was named to the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry.

Graduating at the top of his engineering class at Princeton University, Bryton has led several venture-backed startups. Bryton built deep learning algorithms to diagnose cancer as CTO of HistoWiz, a biotechnology firm. He also co-founded iQ License, a brand licensing platform, and Nikao Investments, an algorithmic trading firm.

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