Erin Gustafson

Duolingo’s Growth Model: A framework for understanding, exploration, and forecasting

Duolingo's evolution has required us to have a more fine-grained understanding of the levers that drive user growth. Our Growth Model is a framework that allows us to better characterize our topline DAU and MAU metrics and model how they change over time. Using this framework, we have identified new strategies to unlock user growth, built a robust forecasting engine, and explored new opportunities for product development.

Erin Gustafson is a Senior Data Scientist at Duolingo, where she works on product-focused exploratory modeling, forecasting, and experimentation. She has experience working in Growth and Monetization, where she applies her statistics and ML skills to improving user/product understanding and making data-informed recommendations on future product development. Before joining Duolingo, Erin completed her PhD in linguistics and conducted research on bilingualism.

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