Nitin Kishore

ML Applications & Challenges in Brick-n-Mortar Retail

This talk will focus on applications of ML in brick-n-mortar retail operations, and how it differs from online world. Specifically, how we are using recent advancements in Machine Learning to power core retail operations like pricing, assortment and replenishment. It also will discuss how we can leverage human expertise and use it as feedback to improve the algorithms.

Nitin Kishore is currently a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, from the Merchant Technology Data Science team at Walmart Labs, based out of Sunnyvale CA. He graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a Master's in Computer Science, specializing in NLP, ML, Deep Reinforcement Learning and also a Minor in Data Science. Before grad school, he worked at Oracle as a Full Stack Applications developer in India. He did his undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani. He likes tackling tough problems and aims to make significant contributions to further the field of AI/ML and its application, in fields other than computer science.

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