Sanam Mirzazad

Application of AI in the Utility Industry and its Challenges

AI promises to surpass the tools the electric power industry has relied on for the past century, making it vital to the industry’s future; AI is poised to be critical in developing and operating the Integrated Grid and its combination of centralized power with distributed energy resources such as solar, and electric vehicles. However, using AI in the power industry comes with its own challenges, such as understanding the physics of the industry to incorporate in the AI models, as well as lack of extensive and high-quality data sets. This talk will focus on some applications of AI in the power industry and elaborate on the challenges as well as how the industry can address these challenges.

Sanam Mirzazad, Ph.D., is a Technical leader at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). In her current position, she leads the integrated grid activities associated with the EPRI’s artificial intelligence (AI) initiative, where she leverages her expertise in closing the gap between the power industry and the AI community. Sanam holds a Master’s degree in Power systems and a Ph.D. in Control systems from The Pennsylvania State University. Before joining EPRI, she was a research scientist working on multiple projects in smart energy, human-computer interaction, and natural language understanding.

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