Yingying Kang

AI to Shape the Future of Travel

Data is like a new energy source, and AI is like the electricity generated from Data, powering many of our interactions and conveniences, including travel which is a major expense in our daily life. According to World Travel & Tourism Council, Travel and Tourism industry is one of the largest industries with global economic contribution of over $8.8trillion in 2018. The joint power of AI and Data Science will bring disruptions to travel industry. This presentation will present an overview of how AI will change our travel experiences. An Intelligent Travel Navigation Platform will be introduced. This platform will change the way people to travel in future, from shopping, on-boarding to socializing with local citizens and resources in another city. The supporting technologies will be introduced to enable this platform too.

Dr. Y. Kang is the Principal AI/ML Research Scientist and directs the AI & Data Science Lab at Travelport, a leading Travel Tech corporation. She has 20 years of success in Large Scale Service Oriented Architect, Optimization Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, majorly focusing on Travel, Transportation, and IT industry. She has highly accomplished in designing and developing technical infrastructures and solutions for AI/ML, Big Data Analytics Platform, Hybrid Cloud Computing, Pricing/Cost/Risk Optimization in Travel Tech, Transportation, Software/IT, Social Media and ERP/PLM/SCM/CRM. She holds Ph.D. in Operations Research from State University of New York at Buffalo, following Prof. R. Batta, an authority of Optimization Theory and Urban Planning from M.I.T.

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