CloudMinds was founded in 2015 with the three elements of many successful start-ups: a bold vision, creative people, and encouraging financial support. The vision is that by 2025 helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. The vision also includes creating a new kind of venture with the unique international character that earns and keeps the trust of people and markets everywhere. CloudMinds people are vital to making the vision come alive. The company founder is serial entrepreneur Bill Huang, who has a record of turning technology visions into reality. Bill has attracted the CloudMinds team, who are world-class scientists, engineers, business leaders and other professionals, like medical doctors. CloudMinds has critical functions distributed across its primary locations in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Beijing. Consistent with its international character, team, and locations, CloudMinds is supported by an internationally diverse set of investors, including Foxconn, Keystone Ventures, SoftBank, and Walden Venture Investments.

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