Ravi Dalal

Inventory Level Analysis using Artificial Intelligence

With the current trend in retail industry, everything is being automated. The effort is put in the same direction to do stock level analysis using a depth sensing device. In retail we observe that most of the times, things are always picked up from the front of a bin. On basis of that surmise, we can use deep learning to scan the space using a depth sensing device and come up with a very good approximation of its volumetric space. The module can be plugged into an AGV/Drone which will scan the bin area and update the backend with inventory details.

Ravi Dalal is a Senior Computer Vision Engineer who helps Sam’s Club to solve Club Operation problems using Artificial Intelligence. Before starting as a CV engineer at WalMart in 2018, Ravi was pursing his Masters from Carnegie Mellon University and graduated in Fall 2017 with a degree in Information Systems having concentration in Machin Learning and Data Science. And in a short span of 2 years while working at Sam’s; he has filed 5 patents in the domain of automating mundane tasks using AI/CV. Ravi loves Basketball and his all-time favorite athlete is Michel Jordan.

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