The fastest growing industry in the world. Investigate the impact robotics & artificial intelligence on your business.


Why Attend


About the forum

The next 15 years are predicted to see mass hybridisation between humans and robots. As robotics are becoming increasingly more intelligent, their ability to speak, understand natural language and see will allow their interaction with humans to become more prevalent. Join 30 top innovators, scientists & entrepreneurs for an exploration session on key emerging technology trends in AI & robotics.


Topics we'll be covering

  • Robotics
  • The Autonomous Car
  • Assisted Living
  • Future of the Factory
  • Intelligent Robotics
  • Agriculture Robotics
  • Challenges to applications in business and society
  • Recommendations to encourage public engagement
  • How to future-proof your business

Key takeaways

  • Understand impacts on your industry
  • Learn how to leverage new technology
  • Discover actionable insights & stimulate thinking
  • Meet 30 high-level executives & cutting-edge innovators
  • Gain key insights into rapidly advancing innovation
  • Scope potential roadblocks with the public and key societal challenges
  • Define key stakeholders for follow up events

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