Sheenu Chawla

Recruitment: Can Chatbots Find More Suitable Candidates Than Humans Can?

Developments in artificial intelligence technology has given rise to a spectrum of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and smart advisors that act in an autonomous manner and provide a new means to deliver and enhance customer service. Cyra, a smart AI based recruiting assistant, is using the principals of intelligent virtual assistants, machine learning and natural language processing to disrupt the existing recruitment industry that has been inefficient, costly and laborious for ages. Cyra is providing employers a new approach to recruitment by helping them hire exactly the candidates they are looking for and assisting them to automate their hiring workflow. Sheenu will give us an overview of Cyra and the fundamental components that have been used to make Cyra your next generation recruiting assistant.

Sheenu Chawla is a serial entrepreneur and CEO at – “your smart personal recruiter” that combines machine learning and natural language processing to deliver a new approach to recruitment for the global start up community. Currently, she is also pursuing her MBA from Imperial Business School while continually looking out for the next market opportunity.

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