Time icon 08:30


Time icon 09:10
David McClelland

David McClelland - Journalist and Broadcaster - Freelance


IoT, Data & Predictive Analytics

Time icon 09:20
George Roussos

George Roussos - Professor, Pervasive Computing - Birbeck College

Smart City Dynamics and Emergency Response

Time icon 09:40
Andrew Hudson-Smith

Andrew Hudson-Smith - Professor of Digital Urban Systems - University College London

IoT, Big Data, Sensors & Cities: Joining Up, Communicating & Trusting 'Smart'

Time icon 10:00
Rob Russell

Rob Russell - CTO & Co-Founder - Senseye

Prognostics and the City

Time icon 10:20
Enrico Motta

Enrico Motta - Prof of Knowledge Technologies - The Open University

MK:Smart – A Data-centric Approach to Open Innovation

Time icon 10:40


Data Infrastructure and Deep Learning

Time icon 11:10
Ajit Jaokar

Ajit Jaokar - Professor - Technical University of Madrid

Deep Learning for Smart Cities

Time icon 11:30
Dr. Larissa Suzuki

Dr. Larissa Suzuki - Reseacher - University College London

Data Infrastructure for Smart Cities

Mapping and Robotics

Time icon 11:50
Daniele Quercia

Daniele Quercia - Head of Social Dynamics - Bell Labs

Sensory Mapping

Time icon 12:10
Mathew Holloway

Mathew Holloway - Managing Director - Q-Bot

Robots Fighting Poverty, Saving Energy, Creating Jobs and Empowering Workers

Time icon 12:30


Smart Cities: Best Practices

Time icon 13:30

Panel: Developing Frameworks for Connected Cities

Esteve Almirall

Esteve Almirall - Director, Centre for Innovation for Cities - ESADE


Bill Clee

Bill Clee - Founder & CEO - Asset Mapping


Joe Dignan

Joe Dignan - Interim Head of Business Development - Future Cities Catapult


Suzanne Wilson

Suzanne Wilson - City Innovation Manager - Bristol is Open


Mark Walker

Mark Walker - Tech & Urban Specialist - London and Partners


Time icon 14:00
Suzanne Wilson

Suzanne Wilson - City Innovation Manager - Bristol is Open

Creating the Open Programmable City

Michael Burns

Michael Burns - Future Cities Development Manager - University of Glasgow

Fireside Chat

Time icon 14:40


Smart Living: Citizens and Architecture

Time icon 15:20

Panel: How Can We Connect & Engage Citizens Through Technology?

Asa Calow

Asa Calow - Hacker in Residence - MadLab


Niraj Dattani

Niraj Dattani - Head of Development - Spacehive


Tomas Diez

Tomas Diez - Co-Founder - Smart Citizen Project


Michael Kohn

Michael Kohn - Founder & CEO - Stickyworld


Alexander Grünsteidl

Alexander Grünsteidl - Director User Experience Design - Method


Time icon 15:50
Thorsten Klaus

Thorsten Klaus - Head of Building Systems - Aktivhaus

Aktivhaus B10: A Prototype for Future Energy Connectivity

Time icon 16:10
David Correa

David Correa - Research Associate - Institute for Computational Design

Bio-inspired 3D Printed Programmable Material Systems

Time icon 16:30
Allison Dring

Allison Dring - Co-Founder - elegant embellishments

Pollution-reducing Building Facades

Time icon 16:50


Time icon 08:30


Time icon 09:00
David McClelland

David McClelland - Journalist and Broadcaster - Freelance


Startup Showcase

Time icon 09:10
Marcos Bassols

Marcos Bassols - Chief Product Design Engineer - Watly

The Energy_net: Where Internet Fuses Together With Water Supply and Energy Generation

Time icon 09:25
Dagmara Lacka

Dagmara Lacka - Co-Founder & CEO - Boldmind

Real World Data in Real Time

Time icon 09:40
Stephen Dunne

Stephen Dunne - Managing Director - Starlab

Integrated GreenCities

Time icon 09:55
Archie Wilkinson

Archie Wilkinson - Head of Pavegen LIVE - Pavegen

Energy-generating Sidewalks

Time icon 10:10
Alar Vork

Alar Vork - CEO - Cityntel

Revolution of IoT

Time icon 10:25


Sustainable Energy and Smart Infrastructure

Time icon 11:05

Panel: Smart Grid Management

Trygve Skjotskift

Trygve Skjotskift - Smart Cities Product Manager, Europe & Middle East - Current, powered by GE


Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor - Managing Director - Camborne Capital


Neal Coady

Neal Coady - Head of Innovation - British Gas


Molly Webb

Molly Webb - Founder - Energy Unlocked


Time icon 11:35
Berit Laanke

Berit Laanke - Research Director - SINTEF

Power Road - The Energy Positive Road

Time icon 11:55
Bart Remes

Bart Remes - Project Manager, Micro Aerial Vehicle Lab - TU Delft

TU Delft - Micro Aerial Vehicle

Time icon 12:15
Emmett Reidy

Emmett Reidy - Director, Sales Operations - Egbert Taylor Group

Smart Waste Management

Time icon 12:35


Connected Living: Transport

Time icon 13:35

Panel: What is the Role of Data in Creating Smarter Mobility?

Anastasios Noulas

Anastasios Noulas - Project Leader - OpenStreetCab


Tim Williams

Tim Williams - Lead Developer - TfL


Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson - Founder & CEO - Vivacity Labs


Tia Kansara

Tia Kansara - Director - Kansara Hackney Ltd


Time icon 14:05
Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander - Director, Urban Development - Siemens

Connected Public Transport Systems

Time icon 14:25
Robin Hawkes

Robin Hawkes - Founder - ViziCities

Making Sense of Transportation Data Using ViziCities and 3D Visualisation

Time icon 14:45


Time icon 11:20
Day 2

Nerea Calvillo - Warwick University

Citizen Practices in the Digital City. Beyond App Development?

Time icon 11:20
Day 2

Esteve Almirall - ESADE

Bringing Open Innovation to Cities

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