Alar Vork

Alar Võrk is a visionary entrepreneur with passion to technology which could make the world a better place to live. He is a CEO and Co-Founder of Cityntel, an Estonian based technology startup developing Smart City solutions based on next generation flat wireless mesh networking technology and Mist computing.

What is the real revolution in the Internet of Things?

It is more than simply connecting physical devices to the Web. More than just executing orders from a cloud server. The real revolution with the IoT is in making those devices communicate with each other locally, so that they can make their own decisions based on ambient input.

In this IoT universe, smarter, connected devices can provide services to other local devices, and use services provided by them as well. The cloud is still there. It enables feedback from devices like sensor data and allows the transmission of operating rules to devices. However, now the computing and the control are also distributed to devices.

This architecture is opening up completely new possibilities to build systems using small, inexpensive wireless devices that act contextually in the background to improve our lives.

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